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Ok don’t worry guys I’m not going to stop blogging, this is just my last blog for my Creative Writing class.CW_word_0.png

I’m really gonna miss this class and the people I’ve met. We all bonded over unread drafts and peculiar 3 A.M. Epiphany prompts. By the way, I found all of the books I read for my posts at 2nd & Charles. If you don’t know what it is, it’s the best bookstore in the existence, and your missing out. The reading for this class was very fun, just any book that interested me (and also had 100 pages) I could read. I never felt hassled to read the story in this class, and it was GREAT!.


Sorry :). So my favorite part of my class was blogging, I have never tried blogging before. I just thought that blogging was only for people who had lives. But I was wrong. It’s really cool when someone follows me or likes my post. In my head I’m like (I knew I was an interesting person). My absolute favorite thing about blogging, is when someone comments. All of them are really nice, shout out to all my classmates, you guys are the coolest!

Alright so in my class we did a lot of writing (it’s kind of implied in the name of the course). But we wrote really fun prompts from a book titled 3 A.M. Epiphany. I recommend it to anyone who likes to write and be confused about what your writing. In class, we also answered questions about short stories and we also wrote our own. On a totally unrelated note……..


Don’t tell me this isn’t hilarious. Anyways stay tuned for the next posts. They will have action, drama, and many more super lame jokes. In closing, it don’t matter if your Black or  White.

To Be Continued………

Word Count: 304


Book Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Pages 374

I take his hand, holding on tightly, preparing for the cameras, and dreading the moment when I will finally have to let go.


(ps. It’s when they get off the plane). 🙂 Very sorry, I had to.

Ok, first of all I have, not surprisingly, not read the entirety of the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy before this week. That was a very long sentence. Seeing the movie before I read it was a lot better than the alternative. (Reading it before I saw the movie). Second of all, I wanted her to compete with Gale in the Hunger Games. Think about how different the story would be if this happened. Katniss was cool, if not a little violent, she’s a survivor that’s for sure.

On a totally different note has anyone ever seen the Starving Games, it’s a parody of the Hunger Games, it is hilarious but very mature.

The mom was a very eerie character in the movie and the book, I felt like she wasn’t needed in the story or book. Throughout the whole book I couldn’t help thinking poor Gale. The unrequited love was just sad, I wanted him to confess before she went to the games, but of course he doesn’t. Peta was a wimp and I didn’t like his character at all.


I know almost everyone has seen the movie, so I didn’t really see the need to explain it. But for all you people who don’t watch movies, I will do it. Basically it is a movie and book about a dystopian society that has 12 districts. The Hunger Games is an annual thing, two people from each district are chosen to compete. Throughout the rest of the movie and story the contestants are shown on TV to gain sponsors and influence public opinion. The Hunger Games are telivised, teenagers are killing each other. They basically have to “Do it for the vine” during the games to gain needed things from sponsors. Katniss kisses Peta for food. That should start trending, ” Do it for the Games”.

Ok, thanks for reading!

Word Count:356

Book Review

Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, 287 pages

So good and evil had to remain separate; good in the jungle, and evil in the palace. Whatever entertainment there was in that was about all we had to give the people.


The book was amazing, it even had some references from Slaughter house 5, which I love. So the book was basically about a writer who was trying to find information about the father of the atomic bomb. Don’t worry it’s not all about science, there are not really any long discussions of science.

The father of the atomic bomb was an antisocial person who preferred innovation to human interaction. He had three kids, a midget, a giant, and a spy (If you read the book you’ll understand). In the book the author is reflecting on his experiences, he is a Bokononist, which is a religion that is based on  bittersweet lies. A lot of the things written by Bokonon, founder of Bokononism are true and funny.

Throughout the book the author mentions people in his karass, which is a group of people who have a mission from God. Members of the authors’ karass are mentioned throughout the book. There are also other words that have interesting meanings such as granfallooner, and duprass. You’ll have to read the book to find out what they mean (I know, I’m evil).

Overall this book was great, I absolutely loved it! The characters’ were well-developed and very different from one another. In the book, Vonnegut shows the power of religion; even though all the followers of Bokonon know it is based on fanciful lies. Vonnegut also shows us the limitations of humanity in our power to control the future.

In the first book of Bokonon, the first sentence is “All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies” which gets you interested about the book. I advise all Kurt Vonnegut fans to read this book, even if you haven’t read Kurt Vonnegut I think this book or Slaughter House 5 are good books to start off with.

Word Count: 346

Book Review: On Writing by Stephen King

On Writing-A memoir of the craft, by Stephen King 291 pages

Purge this quisling thought! Don’t be a muggle! Throw back your shoulders, stick out your chin, and put that meeting in charge! Write The meeting’s at seven. There, by God! Don’t you feel better.


The book On Writing, was very enlightening (no joke, no rhyming intended), ok well maybe a little. 🙂

First off just let me say Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, along with James Patterson, Kurt Vonnegut, and Nora Roberts. Though they all write different genres their writing styles are some of the greatest I’ve ever encountered.

Switching the subject, in this book Stephen gives you background information about how he grew up and became a writer, I found that particularly fun to read. but along with some anecdotes, he gives aspiring writers tips to success.

He says that the idea of writing what you know is an outdated idea and I agree, he says that imagination makes up for what you don’t know. But he also says that what you know can also be incorporated in your stories. He also says that dialogue is a skill, giving examples of various authors who have not yet mastered the art. I agree with him to the full extent.

There were various moments when I found myself having Aha moments, such as when he said that stories began with characters, not theme, through the characters the theme of a story is revealed. I also had one of these moments when he talked about the editing of un-useful information, which is something I know I need to work on.

The only thing I disagree with him on is his idea that a good writer cannot become a great writer, I believe that writing is a skill, as they say with practice makes perfect, or at least somewhat better. I believe this to a certain extent, when he says no ordinary writer can become a Harper Lee, but I believe all writers’ can improve their craft.

I encourage all aspiring writers to read this book, I promise that you won’t have trouble completing it.



#IMWAYR (you probably know what this)

Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King (312 out of 459)

You were the one who was supposed to die, those eyes said. I don’t understand this, you were the one who was supposed to die.

Everything’s Eventual is a collection of short stories, the stories are very interesting. In Stephen King fashion, most have some aspect of death or supernatural entities, but if you like these kind of stories I recommend this book to you. Just to warn all future readers these stories are not short as most short stories.

This is my first Stephen King book, I love how he interacts with the reader. At the beginning or end of every story he provides a anecdote of why he chose to write the story. He also mentions his story On Writing, which I suggest to any aspiring readers.


Now that I’ve told you guys what I’m reading, I’ll tell you about what I’m watching. I watched Don’t Breathe and Lights Out in an afternoon, and let me tell you guys I was scared. While reading Everything’s Eventual I was in the mood for horror movies, usually I avoid scary movies. But they were both very good, I would say Don’t Breathe scared me a lot more, I felt like it was over at the end but it wasn’t and that was the scariest part.

I never thought I’d be so scared of a blind man but Fede Alvarez (director) proved me wrong. For some reason, during the movie I found myself covering my mouth so the man wouldn’t hear me. It was very weird.

Lights Out reminded me of Dr. Who’s Weeping Angels‘, basically there was an episode where statues of weeping angels that moved every time you weren’t looking at them. It was very creepy.

I also watched Dr. Strange, which was ok, I liked the man who played him,Benedict Cumberbatch (who was Jarvis on Agent Carter). His name is just really funny to me, but he is a good actor. I just felt like Dr. Strange needed more power and a little more character development.


Book Review: Mary Mary

Mary Mary by James Patterson, 392 pages

Good-bye, Arnold. You’re gone, and know what else? You’re already forgotten.

I know I already wrote about this in my IMWAYR post, but I finished the book and here to give you the 411 or in the books case, 911.

Attempt at humor #1: Failed. But you will get it soon.


Basically this story is about the detective Alex Cross, who is trying to find the murderer of many famous actresses, who were mothers. The story was really fun to read. It even has a little test in it to see if you are psychotic, of course, I failed, but it was fun none the less. Throughout the story the killer doesn’t give you any information on who he/she is, only emails recounting his/her hatred of the person he/she killed. I guarantee the story will blow your mind, and I consider myself, as someone who can find out mysteries easily (if Scooby Doo is any indication of my analytical prowess).

The end of the story was mind-boggling, I had to go back in the book to understand, and just to warn everything in the book escalates very slowly for a while, with anecdotes of Alex Cross’s life, his custody battle with his seemingly depressed ex-wife, his dating drama and his family life. Then the story escalates quickly.The story is also somewhat told in the point of view of the killer, it was really interesting to have a glimpse into his mind, but not much  information about his/her identity was given, which I expected.

What I didn’t like about the book was very little, but I really didn’t like how the story would randomly change the characters point of views, and some things you don’t really get until the end of the book. But aside from all these things the story was great and surprised me. Anyone looking for a great mystery and a great character should read this book.

Word Count:304




IMWAYR (Its Monday what are you reading)

Mary, Mary by James Patterson, on page 195 out of 392

Because the story was taking over, the story was writing itself, and the story didn’t seem to care who got hurt

This story is very interesting and fun to read especially if you like thrillers and mysteries (thrysteries). The book switches from the detective Alex Cross who is trying to catch and the killer and the killer who uses the alias of Mary Smith. Alex is trying to juggle his love and family life and also find out who Mary Smith is, and how she connects to all the killings. While Mary Smith, is killing famous actresses and leaving only emails that recount the victims’ last day. From Smiths’ point of view you see the mind of a psychopath and the plotting of murder, which is very interesting, but seemingly accurate.

Alex Cross is a character who is in many of James Patterson’s books.


This weekend I binged watched Jessica Jones on Netflix, beware this show is for mature audiences only, but it is a very good show. I recommend it to anyone who loves Marvel as much as I do, and anyone who has watched Luke Cage (also on Netflix), needs to watch this show to. This show also features the tenth doctor on Dr.Who, David Tenant, who is a constant on the show. If I was told to sum up this show in 3 words they would be :mystery, action,  and regret. If that doesn’t get you watching the show I don’t know what will.

This weekend I also watched the SAG awards, even though I haven’t seen most of the movies that were nominated. I do want to see La La Land I was told that it was a good movie, and Emma Stone is my favorite actress, so I try to watch all of her movies. Yes, even the lame spider-man movies. Personally, I think only Toby McGuire can truly be spider man.

Word Count: 314 words

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